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un film di alain resnais

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un film di alain resnais

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FR; EN; de; LaCinetek. François Truffaut: "I have already seen, Susan Sontag, "Muriel ou le Temps d'un retour", in, "Votes for Muriel ou Le Temps d'un retour (1963)", Alain Resnais au travail ou le tournage de,, Pages using infobox film with unknown empty parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [1], At a press conference at the Venice Film Festival in 1963, Resnais said that his film depicted "the malaise of a so-called happy society. He approved the new HD master, which was subsequently utilized for the Criterion Blu-Ray release in 2016. Un film di Alain Resnais. [2], Filming took place between November 1962 and January 1963. (The screenplay provides specific dates and times for each scene, but these are not apparent in the film.) ...The challenge of the film was to film in colour, that was essential, never to move the camera position, to film a week behind the [time of the] scenario, to invent nothing, and to do nothing to make it prettier". Also in 1960, Resnais had been one of the signatories of the Manifesto of the 121, in which a group of intellectuals had declared opposition to the French government's military policy in Algeria.) [11] A sense of disruption and uncertainty is constantly emphasised, not least by the style of jump-cutting between events. Argos later created a new high-definition scan after Resnais was shown the distorted video master used for the 2004 DVD. [21], Susan Sontag, reviewing the film in 1963, deemed Muriel to be "the most difficult, by far, of Resnais' [first] three feature films", and went on to say that "although the story is not difficult to follow, Resnais' techniques for telling it deliberately estrange the viewer from the story". [22], The appearance of Muriel on DVD led to some reconsideration of its qualities, generally with greater sympathy than on its first appearance. [25] According to the aggregation site They Shoot Pictures, Don't They, it is the world's 480th most acclaimed film.[26]. Alain Resnais and Jean Cayrol first discussed the project of Muriel in 1959. Jean-Baptiste Thierrée, as Bernard, Hélène's stepson, recently returned from doing his military service in Algeria where his role in the torture of a girl called Muriel has left him with traumatic memories. He was a director and editor, known for. Curiosità: Autore di una filmografia raffinata e sperimentale, il regista francese Alain Resnais introdusse con le sue opere un profondo rinnovamento nella storia del cinema. [18], Among English-language reviewers there was much perplexity about Muriel, described by the critic of The New York Times as "a very bewildering, annoying film". Resnais' film about political destiny in France in the '30s is always thoroughly chilling, never merely elegant. She found those techniques to be more literary than cinematic, and linked Resnais's liking for formalism with contemporary trends in new novels in France such as those of Michel Butor. Alain Resnais was born on June 3, 1922 in Vannes, Morbihan, France as Alain Pierre Marie Jean Georges Resnais. Muriel (French: Muriel ou le Temps d'un retour, literally Muriel, or the Time of a Return) is a 1963 French drama film directed by Alain Resnais. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet Alain Resnais, 2012. [1] Cayrol, though primarily a poet and novelist, was himself interested in film-making and editing, and he produced a screenplay for Muriel in which nearly all of the complex editing sequences were outlined. At the centre of the film lies the specific theme of the Algerian war, which had only recently been brought to its troubled conclusion, and which it had hitherto been almost impossible for French film-makers to address in a meaningful way. [16] The critic Jean-André Fieschi also made a connection with Hitchcock: "So we have a thriller, but a thriller where the enigma is the intention of the film itself and not its resolution". Muriel (French: Muriel ou le Temps d'un retour, literally Muriel, or the Time of a Return) is a 1963 French drama film directed by Alain Resnais. Neuilly-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine, France, Jean-Pierre Bacri, French Actor, Screenwriter, Dies at 69, Bacri - 'flawless' mover and shaker of French cinema by Richard Mowe, Most Influential Directors (in no particular order), Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Dans la fraîcheur des brumes orgueilleuses, Alan Ayckbourn: Greetings from Scarborough, Cérémonie de clôture du 62ème festival de Cannes, Une approche d'Alain Resnais, révolutionnaire discret, Histoire du cinéma français par ceux qui l'ont fait, Tintin et le Mystère de la Toison d'or (1961), Henri Langlois: The Phantom of the Cinémathèque, Cinema Sex Politics: Bertolucci Makes 'The Dreamers'. ...A new world is taking shape, my characters are afraid of it, and they don't know how to face up to it. This page was last edited on 18 December 2020, at 03:38. Not on the Lips Alain Resnais, 2003. fr. The positive view of the film was summarized by Philip French: "It's a rich, beautifully acted masterpiece, at once cerebral and emotional, that rewards several viewings and is now less obscure than it seemed at the time". His emergence as a feature director of international repute is affiliated with the eruption of the French New Wave in the late 1950s. A DVD version with English subtitles was issued in the UK in 2009 by Eureka, in the Masters of Cinema series. Wild Grass Alain Resnais, 2009. [1], The film was first presented in Paris on 24 July 1963, and it was then shown at the Venice Film Festival in September 1963. [19] The reviewer for The Times (London) shared an initial feeling of distrust and hostility, but admitted that "the film's stature increases with a second viewing". Il suo primo lungometraggio “Hiroshima mon amour” è considerato il suo capolavoro, basato su una destrutturazione temporale degli eventi, in equilibrio tra riflessioni personali e impegno civile. Alors qu'il envisage de devenir comédien, il intègre la première promotion de l'IDHEC en montage et commence, à la fin des années 1940, à réaliser des courts métrages et moyens métrages documentaires qui marquent le public et la critique : Van Gogh, Guernica et surtout Nuit et Brouillard, premier film de référence sur les camps de concentration. Trama. Dia berkarier di dunia film sejak tahun 1936. [8] The full words of the verses are included in the published screenplay of the film. It uses the same transfer as the 2004 French DVD, but the mastering corrects the image resulting in a picture that fills out a "telecinema" screen format ratio of 1.78:1. cf. Film ini disutradarai sutradara asal Prancis, Alain Resnais. [17] Henri Langlois was one of several commentators who noted in Muriel a significantly innovative style and tone: "Muriel marks the advent of cinematic dodecaphony; Resnais is the Schoenberg of this chamber drama". For access to motion picture film stills please contact the Film Study Center. Alain Resnais (n. 3 iunie 1922, Vannes, Franța – d. 1 martie 2014, Paris, Franța) a fost un regizor francez de film.A primit Premiul César pentru cel mai bun film pentru Providența din 1977 și Premiul Alfred Bauer, unul din seria Ursul de Argint în 2014 pentru filmul Aimer, boire et chanter, cunoscut internațional sub titlul englez Life of Riley An extended sequence takes place on the first day (a section lasting about 45 minutes: the introductions of Alphonse and his 'niece' Françoise to Hélène and Bernard, and their first meal together). Sign in My cart Ways to watch Search. [14] He also noted the paradox that it had subsequently become almost a cult film, attributing its difficulties for the public to the fact that its principal characters were people who continually made mistakes, which created a sense of unease. Now a nearly forgotten film, shot on location in Boulogne-sur-Mer, it explored the emotions and reactions of Hélène Aughain (played by Delphine Seyrig) during a fortnight’s visit by her former lover. After training as a film editor in the mid-1940s, he went on to direct a number of short films which included Night and Fog (1955), an influential documentary about the Nazi concentration camps. Alain Resnais girò il suo primo film a quattordici anni con una cinepresa 8 mm. Early in 1963, I met with Resnais again, at Fouquet’s on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, to talk about Muriel ou Le temps d’un retour. Images pour un film : les décors d'Enki Bilal pour La vie est un roman d'Alain Resnais: Thévenet, Jean-Marc: 9782205024951: Books - Directed by Alain Resnais and starring Delphine Seyrig, Muriel ou le temps d’un retour(1963) is a New Wave film set in Boulogne-sur-mer in the period following the war in Algeria. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events This "moment of truth" which has not been confronted is echoed in different forms in the past lives of each of the other main characters. Alain Resnais on IMDb: Awards, nominations, and wins. The film was nominated for a Golden Lion. [24] In 2012, the film received four critics' votes and two directors' votes in the British Film Institute's decennial Sight & Sound polls. It was Resnais's third feature film, following Hiroshima mon amour (1959) and L'Année dernière à Marienbad (1961), and in common with those films it explores the challenge of integrating a remembered or imagined past with the life of the present. Suzanne-Liandrat-Guigues & Jean-Louis Leutrat. Sceneggiato da Marguerite Duras e candidato all’Oscar, il film segue la relazione clandestina di un’attrice francese e un architetto giapponese durante le riprese di un film a Hiroshima, dove i ricordi della guerra e della memoria innescano un viaggio a ritroso nella coscienza della protagonista. Her stepson, Bernard, is tormented by the memory of a girl named Muriel whom he helped torture while doing military service in Algeria. [23] Many now rank it among Resnais's major works. [3] Resnais explained his intentions: "We used everything that could give this impression of incompleteness, of unease. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2010 CD release of La Guerre Est Finie (Un Film Di Alain Resnais) (Colonna Sonora Originale - Edizione Speciale) on Discogs. It was for the most part very badly received by both the press and the public. [15], It nevertheless drew much attention from French film-makers and critics. [13] Hélène has been unable to overcome her sense of loss and betrayal from a past love affair; Hélène, Alphonse and Bernard all carry troubled memories of having lived through and survived World War II; and Boulogne itself presents the image of a town uneasily rebuilding itself over the devastation that it suffered in that war. Alain Resnais (French: [alɛ̃ ʁɛnɛ]; 3 June 1922 – 1 March 2014) was a French film director whose career extended over more than six decades. La Vie Est un Roman followed in 1982, with Amour à Mort on its heels in 1984. The story takes place over 15 days in September–October 1962. He was a director and editor, known for Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959), Same Old Song (1997) and Mon oncle d'Amérique (1980). Martine Vatel, as Marie-Do, the intermittent girl-friend of Bernard who is ready to set off for a new life in South America. 90. - Francia, Svizzera 2003. Hiroshima Mon Amour - Un Film Di Alain Resnais (Dvd+Booklet) [Import italien]: 9788895862811: Books - According to Resnais, there were around 800 shots in the film instead of the usual 450; the many static camera set-ups were time-consuming; and it was only in the final shot of the film that the camera moved. François Truffaut, writing about the film in 1964, acknowledged its demanding nature but castigated critics for failing to engage with its core elements. Hélène's apartment, with its half-finished décor and ever-shifting furniture, and seen by the camera only as a disjointed collection of spaces until the film's final shot, offers a metaphor for the traumatised brain which is unable to put itself in order and see itself whole. Quoted in the booklet accompanying the 2009 Eureka DVD (Masters of Cinema) p.36. Muriel ou le temps d'un retour de Alain Resnais un film à télécharger, en VoD et streaming légal sur LaCinetek. Gilberte è sposata con Georges, un ricco capitano d'industria che le annuncia di stare per concludere un contratto importante con un uomo d'affari americano. Alain Resnais L'Année dernière à Marienbad 1961 Alain Resnais Muriel ou le temps d'un retour 1963 Alain Resnais ... For licensing motion picture film footage it is advised to apply directly to the copyright holders. Private Fears in Public Places Alain Resnais, 2006. [7] A series of verses, by Cayrol, are sung throughout the film (by Rita Streich); the relative lack of clarity of the words on the soundtrack was attributed by Resnais to the effect of having a German composer (who at the time did not speak French) setting French words. Location shooting was done in Boulogne-sur-Mer, which is almost another character in the film, a town whose centre has seen rapid rebuilding after extensive war damage and which is presented as both ancient and modern, uncertainly balanced between its past and future. A restored version of the film was released on DVD in France in 2004 by Argos Films/Arte France Développement from a distorted video master that squeezed the image into a 1.66:1 picture format. It is the story of several people who start each sentence with 'I...'." At the midpoint of Muriel, a sequence of newsreel with Bernard's voiceover commentary presents the inescapable 'evidence' of an incident of torture which continually haunts Bernard and explains his obsession with the girl he calls Muriel. Alain Resnais is a prominent figure in the modernist narrative film tradition. His emergence as a feature director of international repute is affiliated with the eruption of the French New Wave in the late 1950s. The chill stems not simply from the cold precis Claude Sainval, as Roland de Smoke, a Boulogne property-developer and amorous friend of Hélène. E.g. 58 wins & 54 nominations. Un scriitor celebru îşi trăieşte ultimele zile şi se gîndeşte cu încăpăţînare la personajele ultimului său roman, inspirate de mizerele, meschinele sale rude. Un film d'Alain Resnais Avec Mathieu Amalric, Lambert Wilson, Michel Piccoli Au cinéma en octobre 2012 Eurydice d'après Anouilh : le mythe de la vie, l'amour, la mort vu par Alain Resnais. Francia, Giappone, 1959. While admiring the film for its intelligence and for the beauty of its visual composition, its performances, and its music, she remained dissatisfied by what she saw as its emotional coldness and detachment. He was married to Sabine Azéma and Florence Malraux. It was one of several elements in the film which were prompted by Resnais's interest in "music-hall" and the theatre. CineFiles is a free online database of film documentation and ephemera Quoted in the booklet accompanying the 2009 Eureka DVD (Masters of Cinema) p.41. Je t'aime, je t'aime, scénario et dialogues pour un film d'Alain Resnais.. [Jacques Sternberg; Alain Resnais] Alain Resnais is a prominent figure in the modernist narrative film tradition. Nita Klein, as Françoise, an aspiring young actress having an affair with the much older Alphonse, and biding her time before leaving him. The intervening days are represented in a series of fragmented scenes, which are chronological but seldom consecutive, and the passage of time is blurred. Drammatico, Sentimentale . Selection of the month; All films; Directors' lists; Currently; Hidden treasures; The top of the lists; FESTIVAL ; About; Show menu. If you want to continue to explore the fascinating world of "WandaVision," we have you covered with some inspired recommendations. (Redirected from Alain Renais) Alain Resnais (French: [alɛ̃ ʁɛnɛ]; 3 June 1922 – 1 March 2014) was a French film director and screenwriter whose career extended over more than six decades. ok. Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Sign up for our newsletter. [5], Filming lasted for 12 or 13 weeks, the longest shooting time of any of Resnais's films. In 1986, Resnais filmed the ambitious Mélo, an adaptation of a 1929 melodrama by a forgotten playwright named Henry Bernstein. Delphine Seyrig won a Volpi Cup for best actress at the 1963 Venice Film Festival. Muriel was Resnais's second collaboration with Jean Cayrol, who had also written the screenplay of Nuit et brouillard (Night and Fog) (1955). Parole Parole Parole, film di Alains Resnais - scena iniziale Another long sequence takes place on the last day (the Sunday lunch and its revelations, and the scattering of the principal characters in their different directions). [20] This recognition that Muriel benefited from, or required, multiple viewings was something upon which a number of commentators have agreed. A 21 anni si iscrisse a corsi regolari di cinematografia, dove si applicò soprattutto alle tecniche di montaggio. Alain Resnais was born on June 3, 1922 in Vannes, Morbihan, France as Alain Pierre Marie Jean Georges Resnais. Alain Resnais. Resnais observed later that it had been his most expensive film to make and the one which had drawn perhaps the smallest audiences. Written by nouveau roman novelist Marguerite Duras, Hiroshima mon amour grew out of Resnais’ early work in documentary: commissioned as a non-fiction film on the horrors of the atomic bomb, Hiroshima ultimately became a fictional character piece, allowing Resnais to explore the political through the personal and raise questions about individual trauma suffered during times of public tragedy. Alain Resnais (lahir di Vannes, Morbihan, Brittany, Prancis, 3 Juni 1922 – meninggal di Paris, Prancis, 1 Maret 2014 pada umur 91 tahun) merupakan seorang sutradara berkebangsaan Prancis. Dia menyutradarai film utamanya seperti Night and Fog (1955), Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959), dan Last Year at Marienbad (1961). Another Get this from a library! It also makes oblique reference to the controversial subject of the Algerian War, which had recently been brought to an end. Con Commedia, durata 115 min. A 17 anni si trasferì dalla Provincia a Parigi per inseguire le sue ambizioni teatrali. [6], Music for the film was written by Hans Werner Henze who picked up the visual principle of multiple fixed camera shots by adopting a musical style which mirrored the fragmentation of the film structure. "The technique of observing absolute chronology while simultaneously following a number of characters and treating even casual passers-by in the same manner as the main characters gives rise to a hallucinatory realism."[12].

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